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What is a bully? How do the men who responded to my post describe their wives’ behavior? The salient characteristic when rereading the comments is a refusal on the part of the women to engage in a conversation about their behaviors without it escalating into a form of domestic warfare. The men describe the futility in trying to communicate their distress, as it results in finger pointing that they are the problem or leads to a complete shut down in communication. And if, as I suspect, many women identify with some part of that description, as most of us nudge, nag and have a “honey do” list, then why are some women so energized against owning any of it?

So any solution that starts with "boot up bla bla bla" isn't much help. I could follow that instruction and not see the problem for 48 hours and it doesn't prove anything.

Tool - Dragging Me DownTool - Dragging Me DownTool - Dragging Me DownTool - Dragging Me Down