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Watch Method
In the days of digital watches, this one is fading away.

  • Hold your wristwatch in front of you like a compass.
  • Hold a toothpick or little twig or piece of grass up along the edge of your watch so it casts a shadow toward the center of the watch.
  • Turn your watch until the shadow splits in half the distance between the hour hand and 12 on the watch face.
  • 12 is now pointing South and 6 is pointing North.
  • In the southern hemisphere, 12 points North and 6 points South.


If you have no watch, use your imagination.
  • Draw a big circle in the dirt with a stick.
  • From the center of the circle, draw a line straight towards the sun. (this is your hour hand)
  • Now, draw a line to 12 on the circle where it would be in relation to the hour hand.
  • Halfway between the two lines is South.



Shadow (21) - No Better LoveShadow (21) - No Better LoveShadow (21) - No Better LoveShadow (21) - No Better Love